Morphology I
2012 / Graphite, ink, acrylic, collage on paper / 50 x 120 inches

Morphology 2012 Series

Morphology is the study of form and structure. In an organism, Morphology explores both its outward appearance and its internal anatomy, such as bones and organs. In linguistics, Morphology identifies, analyzes and describes the structure of the basic units of language. In this latest series of large scale drawings, my work process parallels the meaning and practice of Morphology in both its scientific and linguistic senses.

I began these drawings by tearing apart portions of early drawings where I fist explored the ideas of structure and form, incorporating and combining the pieces into revitalized compositions. This recalls the construction of complete words from sounds, stories from words and sentences, or the growth of a creature's skeletal structure from individual bones and joints. From there, the process of building up with collage and mark-making, and then redaction of the multiple elements into a single unified work, mimics the often chaotic, prolonged sequence of evolutionary development.

Wings, feathers, vertebrae, muscle and bone: all are combined in these studies of the form and structure of the internal and external features of imaginary primordial creatures. In Morphology I hope to awaken the viewer's sense of curiosity, astonishment and whimsy, conjuring these beings from the realm of the imagination to life on paper.